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Trail Signs Vandalized

Official signage for Dreamcatcher with damage from a shotgun.

On a recent inspection of the Tabor Mountain single track trails, personnel from Recreation Sites and Trails BC noted vandalism that has occurred some signage that was installed last year.

Signage installed by ACT is done so using volunteer effort and fundraising. Signage is a requirement for trails to be officially open since it conveys critical information on difficulty and user risk. For this sign in particular, there is over $70.00 in damages - not to mention the time it takes to dig the post hole.



4'x4'x10' Treat Post


Trail Sign


Advisory Sign



Approximately 2 hrs.

This event has been reported to the necessary authorities under Recreation Sites and Trails BC. We encourage all users and community members who observe vandalism to safely gather as much information as possible and file a report to the necessary authorities.

Any incidents involving firearms should be immediately reported to the RCMP by dialing 911.

Under the section 11 of the Forest Recreation Regulation (B.C. Reg. 16/2004) it says that:

(2) Unless authorized by a recreation officer, a person must not set a trap, discharge a firearm or shoot a bow or crossbow

(a) on or into the developed portion of a recreation site or interpretive forest site, or

(b) on or into any portion of a recreation trail, if a prohibition against doing so has been posted at the trail.

Trails on Tabor Mountain (both single-track and multi-use trails) qualify as a "developed portion of a recreation site" under this regulation. Therefore, any use of a firearm (even that which doesn't vandalize signs) is subject to enforcement under these regulations and other federal statutes.

Certain trails have also seen a great deal of traffic from unauthorized equipment such as ATVs and dirt bikes. Some users may not be familiar with the fact that ACT single-track trails are new and regulated for non-motorized use. There is a tremendous network of multi-use (including motorized use) trails that have existed on Tabor Mountain for decades. More information on these can be accessed by visiting

ACT is asking for everyone's help towards ensuring Tabor Mountain is a safe and friendly place for recreation. When on the mountain, please be mindful of your actions and that of others.


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