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Reminder: All Trails Temporarily Closed

Spring is finally upon us and temperatures are warming up, but not enough to totally dry out Tabor Mountain.

Tabor is located at a slightly higher elevation than other riding areas in Prince George and has a dense forest cover meaning it takes considerably longer for snow to melt. Riding and walking on trails during this time can leave ruts which require repair by hand before the trail can be opened. As a general rule, if you are leaving a depression in the dirt greater than 1cm deep; you are damaging the trail.

In addition to posting signs and hanging gates at trailheads, ACT publishes official trail status updates on Trailforks. While many people prefer not to use Trailforks while riding, it is best to check before heading out on a ride - just to be sure.

Several other riding areas in the Prince George region are currently open including Pidherny, Otway, and Forests for the World.

Volunteers are working hard to repair trails from premature riding, dirt bike, and winter damage. When everything is good to go, we will publish an update on Trailforks and our social media pages.

Thank you for your patience this spring! We can't wait to open for the season.

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