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Trail in Woods


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Pack It In

Pack It In is the primary access and climb trail from the Groveburn pit staging area. Users should keep right to avoid interfering with down traffic. The naming reflects a principle that every user should remember - If you pack it in, pack it out. Please help keep the Tabor Mountain area safe and free from litter.

64 Caddy

64 Caddy is mellow and picturesque journey through the woods. This trail is best ridden downhill, but can be a great alternate to Edgewater and other climb trails. Near the top, users will enjoy riding on a boardwalk built by ACT volunteers and a peculiar Cadillac hidden in the woods.

Trail Video
Credit: Robinson Adventure TV (YouTube)


Daydream is an adrenaline-pumping down track with steep back-to-back berms and progressive features. While most frequently ridden downhill, users should keep an eye out for intrepid hikers throughout the year.

Trail Video
Credit: Mark Goggin (YouTube)

Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear is a fun and flowy green trail where you can't decide if you're going up, or going down. Most riders find this trial is best ridden in a counter-clockwise direction with B-Rad. Along the way, you will find copious berms, boardwalks and a dreamy pitch through some surreal second growth Douglas Fir.
An extension has been added which runs parallel to the VOR road so that riders do not need to exit the trail system to complete a loop with B-Rad.


B-Rad is the perfect trail to warm up on before shredding the blues and blacks. This trail features a marquee bridge over Tabor Mountain Creek, multiple boardwalks, and a unique rocky section that tests your skills.
Most riders prefer to use this trail as part of a counter-clockwise loop with Pooh Bear. For some added fun, try keeping right on Ridge Run on your way out

Bowling For Grannies



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