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Work on Chump Change Continues

Updated: Apr 12

The ACT saw crew took to the trails again this weekend to continue working on Chump Change. Despite our collective discomfort with the lack of snow in the bush, it has allowed crews to get a head start on preliminary clearing before the real building season begins.

Chump Change is a 2.2km long black diamond trail that will be developed using a combination of hand and machine built sections. The trail's design team is hoping it will be the "most exciting trail in Prince George" and have planned accordingly with high-speed flow, steep tech, and of course - lots of wood features.

Preliminary clearing is tough work. Crews need to navigate dense bush, cut it up safely, and make sure it is tossed to the side so the machines or hand crews have a nice space to work.

There are several distinct benefits to working this time of year. Most importantly, there are no mosquitoes. It's also nice to catch a break from bears, smoke, wasps, and high temperatures. If every day had weather like today, who knows how much trail we'd have built.

Given its length and structural requirements, the design team on Chump Change estimate it will take about two-years to complete. Keep checking back for more updates - and don't forget - regular build days are only a few weeks away!



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