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Build Days 101: Pre-work Stretch

Building trail can be demanding on your body. In order to diminish the potential for injuries, ACT recommends that you stretch 10-20 minutes before heading out on the trails.

To give you some ideas on how to prepare, we've listed 8 essential and easy to do stretches* that you can work into your pre-work routine.

Neck Stretch

Rotate your neck to look to each side, look up and down, and put each ear to each shoulder.

Forearm Release

With arms outstretched in front, alternate between pulling palm and back of hand towards you.

Tricep Stretch

Reach one arm behind to touch opposite shoulder blade. Use opposite hand to gently push arm down.

Forward Fold

Start with chin to your chest and slowly roll down until you’re hanging forwards completely relaxed. This can be done sitting or standing.

Chest Opener

Stand up straight and spread arms apart. Squeeze shoulder blades together pulling your arms backwards.

Back Bend

Place hands on your lower back for support and gradually bend back from the hips until stretch is felt.

Side Bend

Clasp hands together overhead. Slowly bend to one side from hips until stretch is felt. Repeat on opposite side. This can be done sitting or standing.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Lunge down on one knee with other leg outstretched behind, forefoot ˜at on the ground. Push hips forward until a stretch is felt on the front of the hip.

For more information on how to prepare for build days, feel free to contact us.

Build Days 101 is a weekly crash course on trail-building with ACT. Come back often for fresh content throughout the year!


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