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Build Days 101: What to Bring

The ACT crew hosts build days at Tabor mountain on Sundays from 09:00-12:00 throughout the spring and summer months. Build days can consist of brush and debris clearing; dirt work; raking; lumber hauling; and/or signage installation. Because of this broad range of activities, we thought it would be good to share some of the essential, good to have, and optional equipment to make your build day go smoothly.


This is a list of items that you'll definitely want to bring so that you stay comfortable and safe all morning.

Scarpa Fuego boots. The gold standard in ankle support
  • Sturdy boots

    • You may walking on undeveloped trails which means the terrain will be uneven and conducive to slips, trips, and falls. Good leather work boots or hiking boots with ankle support will help with fatigue and provide you with the stability you need.

  • Long sleeves and long pants

    • You may be clearing brush, walking through devil's club, or exposed to insects (like mosquitoes and wasps). Long sleeves and pants are critical for protecting yourself from scratches, irritation, and the sun.

  • Leather gloves

    • Imagine picking up a bundle of freshly cleared brush only to find out that it's actually devil's club. Wear gloves; enough said!

  • Insect repellent

    • Love it or hate it, a good deet-based insect repellent will keep you sane on the mountain.

  • Water

    • Build days typically last at least three hours. It is recommended that you consume at least one litre of water per hour during the summer. All members of the building party are responsible for bringing their own water. We cannot stress enough how important it is stay stay hydrated!

Your gloves don't have to be fancy. Any old pair will do

Good to Have

These are items for the more proactive builder. Bring 'em if you got 'em!

A 225g can of bear spray
  • Bear Spray

    • Tabor Mountain is home to more than just bears. Feel free to bring a can of bear spray, just make sure it is not expired; in good condition; and you know how to use it!

    • It is best practice not to bring bear spray into vehicles.

  • Hat

    • Tame those UV rays!

  • Earplugs

    • If you're working around chainsaws, it will helpful to have a pair.

  • Safety glasses

    • Moving brush and debris can pose a hazard to your eyes. A basic pair of safety glasses will help protect you from errant twigs and dirt.

  • Bug net

    • Really can't stand the bugs? Then try a bug net! Just be careful that it doesn't get torn open by brush!

  • Allergy medications

    • If you are prone to allergic reactions from bug bites, pollen, and dust then you may wish to bring medication.

  • Snacks

    • Self-explanatory! Even better if you bring some to share!

  • Backpack

    • Somewhere to hold all your gear!

A backpack designed specifically for trail-builders

Optional Equipment

As you become more involved with trail building, you may wish to bring the following items to make things a little easier. In general, all of the tools required for your build day should be supplied, but it never hurts to have spares.

  • Garden pruners or loppers

    • Small pruners or loppers are great for clearing small-diameter brush or branches. Make sure you can easily fit these in your bag or pockets since you'll want to carry them with you.

  • Pruning saw

    • A small handsaw (like those made by Silky or Fiskars) is an excellent solution for cutting anything that the chainsaw crew missed. Please note that in order to run a chainsaw on build days, we ask that you get in touch with a crew leader first.

For more information on how to prepare for build days, feel free to contact us.

Build Days 101 is a weekly crash course on trail-building with ACT. Come back often for fresh content throughout the year!


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