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Build Days 101: Meeting Spots

Locations on the mountain go by a multitude of names. The purpose of this article is to help you figure out where you'll be meeting on a build day. Typically, ACT gives clear instructions to volunteers a few days in advance - but if you're still having trouble; this should get you pointed in the right direction.

Main Parking Lot

At Tabor Mountain's main parking area you will find accessible washrooms, picnic tables, and even a bike repair stand.

After turning on to Groveburn Road (from Giscome), travel 2.4 kilometres until you see an opening on your left. This is where the majority of build days start. It is also the most popular staging area for trail users due to its proximity to Pack it Out.

The Rock Pit

The Rock Pit goes by a few names (including the quarry, gravel pit, and middle staging area). This spot has less parking but provides good access to the lower parts of Less is More and BFG.

When parking here, watch for old nails and riders exiting the trails at high speeds.

Upper Staging Area

The Upper Staging Area is a small grassy clearing across from the Viewpoint multi-purpose trail.

The parking area can be accessed by driving the Tabor Lookout FSR until you reach the Viewpoint Loop sign. There are several spots to park a vehicle in the grassy clearing to the left. This is also a popular drop off for shuttle riders!

For more information on how to prepare for build days, feel free to contact us.

Build Days 101 is a weekly crash course on trail-building with ACT. Come back often for fresh content throughout the year!

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